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    Description & Product details

    Enhance the radiance of your smile by integrating a grillz for teeth. Whether you want silver teeth, diamond teeth or gold teeth, from simple grillz to diamond grillz, anything is possible.

    Our pieces are all made in our French workshops, and undergo precise expertise for each creation. Whether it's flamboyant or understated, you'll sport an entirely new smile. Choose your grillz according to your preferences, with the design and materials of your choice whether top or bottom grillz. We guarantee a personalized smile and perfect hygiene for your oral and dental health.

    You can also make the custom gold grillz of your dreams thanks to our design expertise and our custom grillz offer.

    Our team handcrafts the gold, silver, or diamond pieces with meticulous attention to detail. We craft them from the finest materials, ensuring high-quality gold tooth, silver tooth, and even diamond tooth for you.

    teeth grillz application

    Grillz is an accessory designed on a mold of your teeth. An aesthetic accessory that securely attaches to your teeth without any risk of causing harm to them.

    Grillz are removable and needs regular cleaning to keep it shining. For their longevity and your convenience, we advise you not to wear it for eat or sleep, in contrast to teeth jewelry.

    care and longevity

    Grillz is an accessory designed on a mold of your teeth. An aesthetic accessory that securely attaches to your teeth without any risk of causing harm to them.

    To care for these coins, please take the following tips into account:

    Gold teeth:
    Always remove when eating and sleeping.
    Wash gold teeth grillz regularly with soap and water to disinfect the piece from your saliva.
    Dry the jewelry completely after washing with a small microfiber cloth.

    Silver teeth:
    Apply the same treatment as for gold teeth grillz. However, you should also regularly polish the silver teeth using a dedicated polishing cloth for the jewel.

    Diamond teeth:
    Clean using a soap-based degreasing product, followed by rinsing with hot water.

    For all our items, use tools exclusively designated for grillz maintenance. Make sure to clean them thoroughly between each use to prevent scratches and the introduction of tiny particles. Rest assured, the diamond is impervious to scratches.

    Service description

    Are you seeking "grillz near me" ? You've come to the right place, no matter where in the world you are. We provide the best possible service regardless of your location by sending you a grillz impression kit.
    We also have the possibility of contacting your dentist for your jaw's 3D scan.

    Unlike semi-permanent teeth jewelry,
    a grillz is custom-made from your own dental impression. The creation process varies from two weeks to over a month, depending on the desired design. You should also be aware that prices vary according to the material used. A white gold grillz will not cost the same as a silver grillz.

    Shipping and delivery information

    We deliver your grillz within 3 to 7 working days in France and Europe after sending them.*

    We deliver international orders within 5 to 15 working days after dispatch, depending on your country of residence.*

    *Excluding weekends and public holidays. Please note that some countries may impose customs fees when you receive your order. Local customs authorities determine these fees. The regulations in each individual country determine these fees, and each country has its own specific regulations.

    Please be aware that while you can pay additional charges. Customs duty are not consistently apply these fees, but the customer will be responsible for the payment. These fees are separate from both the product price and the delivery charges. Unfortunately, we cannot provide an exact amount for these charges, as they vary depending on the country.

    To ensure a smooth delivery experience we strongly recommend reaching out to your local customs authorities. This will also avoid unexpected costs upon receiving your package: . They will be able to provide you with a more accurate estimate of potential charges.

    We appreciate your understanding in this matter. That is why weare here to assist you with any questions or additional information you may need. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at your convenience.

    Although they are not systematic, please note that any additional charges are at the customer's expense. These fees are not part of the product price or the delivery charges.

    We are unfortunately unable to predict the exact amount of these charges, as they vary from country to country.

    To prevent any surprises when your package arrives. We recommend checking with local customs authorities to get a good idea of potential charges.

    We thank you for your understanding and remain at your disposal for any questions or additional information.

    customs and import duties

    IsisnGold is Delivered At Place (DAP), also known as Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU).

    In this situation, the seller is responsible for shipping. While the customer is responsible for covering import charges, including duties, import taxes, or brokerage/disbursement fees upon delivery. It's worth noting that some shipping companies may impose additional fees for collecting duties during delivery if these duties haven't been prepaid in advance.


    As a fashion accessory, a grillz can be used at the owner's discretion. However, it must be removed for eating and sleeping and has to be maintained.

    You can find any type of material on the web, but beware of quality! IsisnGold offers you only high-quality grillz, thanks to materials such as white gold, yellow gold, silver and cobalt.

    To choose your grillz, first determine the material you wnat, the number of teeth and their positions. For the rest, let yourself be inspired by our designs, or imagine and create your own grillz through customization.

    If properly installed and maintained, grills won't damage your home, let alone your health. However, low-quality materials or ill-fitting grillz can cause problems. This is where dental impressions become essential, and should preferably be taken by a dentist. What's more, to avoid any risk of irritation or oral-dental problems, it's a good idea to take it out when eating and sleeping, and to keep it well maintained by cleaning it as regularly as possible.