Butterfly tooth gems
Butterfly tooth gems

Butterfly tooth gems Cristal Swarovski (10 pcs pack)


Rhinestones - Butterfly tooth gems Cristal Swarovski

"Butterfly Tooth Gems – Sophistication and Elegance for a Distinguished Smile"

The Butterfly Tooth Gems, with their refined butterfly design, embody elegant sophistication, adding a dimension of professional finesse and aesthetic lightness to your smile.  



Premium Swarovski material: Composed of dazzling, long-lasting Swarovski crystals, fade-resistant for unparalleled quality and brilliance.

Ideal size: Careful design with a 4x2mm shuttle and 1.8mm SS5 rhinestones, ensuring a perfect, comfortable fit to your smile.

Captivating sparkle: Magnificent sparkle that catches and reflects light, accentuating your smile with exceptional beauty.

Complete Pack: Offers a pack for 10 complete poses, including 20 shuttles and 50 rhinestones, allowing you to vary styles and occasions.

Ideal for those who want to add a touch of sophistication to their style, our Swarovski Butterfly Dental Strass is synonymous with refinement and distinction.

Elevate your smile to a new level of splendor with the Swarovski Butterfly Dental Strass.


Make your smile shine by adding our Swarovski rhinestones to one or more pieces of dental jewelry.

These high quality rhinestones provide brilliance and tenacity compared to other low-end rhinestones on the market. Indeed, Swarovski rhinestones have a better resistance and avoid the detachment between the base of the rhinestone and the rhinestone itself.

Dare the creative rhinestone combinations and express your uniqueness through a unique and original smile.

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