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    You can find tooth gems on internet, some brands propose it with a lot of different designs, more or less worked. Once your ordered, you have to take an appointment in a beauty parlor, or tattoo parlor to let install your tooth gem by a professional.

    A tooth gem can last from a few months to more than a year. The longevity of the installation will depend on the quality of the service. Indeed, if the techniques and products used are of high quality, you will have a better chance of keeping your jewelry as long as possible.Dental maintenance aspects also come into play. It is important to be careful, especially during the first few days, with the food or with the temperatures that you will inflict on your teeth. The more care you take not to put your jewelry to the test, the longer you will keep it.The length of time the jewelry is worn varies from one individual to another.

    The cost of a gold tooth gem can vary a lot. It depends from whitch brand your order and how much the tooth gem is designed. Here, the tooth gems by IsisnGold are from 65 € to more than 150 €, without forgetting that it will be necessary to count the service which will have to be carried out by a professional, of health or installation of tooth gems. The installation of a tooth gem or rhinestone can range from 40 € to over 50 €.

    If your rhinestones or tooth gems are properly installed by a professional, there is no risk to your tooth. As long as the products used are adapted to the function of destination, you do not put yourself in danger. These are composites used for orthodontic braces, used in a medical setting and therefore adapted to your teeth. With the IsisnGold formation, be sure to install tooth gems safely. We use professional products used by dentists.

    The installation of dental rhinestones is done in several stages. For the adhesion of the rhinestones we can see the intervention of 2 main substances (unique technique used by IsisnGold compared to 3 on the market), a first one serving as a base so that the jewel or rhinestone adheres a first time. A second product of clear color intervenes (in order to become transparent), it will seal and fix the rhinestone thanks to photo polymerization.All theses informations commits IsisnGold products only and its installation formation. You can, indeed, find some inapropriate produtcs on the market that can damage your teeth.

    When your tooth gem falls off, a slight trace of composite or the leaf of your rhinestone may remain on your tooth, a scaling at your dentist will be ideal to remove the excess composite that you may face. This will avoid damaging the tooth with any other technique.

    When the installation of your tooth gem comes to end, you may encounter the case where you ingest it. No danger! If you have done the installation with a professional and the rhinestone or tooth gem not contain any harmful element (plastic, lead, acrylic ...), you risk nothing and the rhinestone will come out by natural way. Moreover, as at IsisnGold, if it is a gold jewel, no worries. Gold is an inert metal, which means that it will not react with other chemicals present in the human body and will therefore be harmless to your health.

    If the placement of your tooth gem is well done, you may feel a slight discomfort that will shape up with practice. There is no need to worry about discomfort. However, if this is your first piece of dental jewelry and you are apprehensive about the potential discomfort, you may want to choose the smallest possible piece of jewelry with the least amount of relief for the first time to get used to this new sensation.

    To remove a tooth gem or rhinestone , you can resort to the most natural way: the natural fall of the tooth gem or go to a dental health institute in order to have it removed by a professional who will use the appropriate tools.

    There is no restriction on the length of time between the applications. In fact, you can do as much or as little work as you want, while making sure that there is no residue of composite, in which case it will be necessary to proceed with a scaling to remove it.

    The tooth gem may indeed tarnish if the professional has left residues on the rhinestone or gold tooth gem before the photo-polymerization stage during the installation. But with the 18 kt gold tooth gems of IsisnGold, if the installation is welle done, the tooth gem will be intact over time.

    We can count between 15 to 20 minutes per unit of tooth gem put on, so about 40 minutes to put on 2 pieces of tooth gem, if it is a particular style of setting the setting can last up to 1h30.

    A lot of people, as celebrities, like to wear tooth gems because it demtermines a personnality, a style dnd a unique smile.A tooth gem can embellish your smile, and cans be worn on any smile. Do you think you don't have a beautiful smile or teeth enough to wear tooth gems ? You make a big mistake, beacause tooth gems will just coat your smile in the best possible way.

    You will mostly see atricles on the web saying that dentits are scared about tooth gems and warn it worry. But this worry doesn't relate every professionals of tooth gem installation. Because, some professionals use products udes by dentits themselves. How you can see with the IsisnGold formation, we are using professional products and composites that are the smae used for your braces when you were younger.

    On the principle, everybody can wear tooth gem on its teeth because there is no official ban about it.However, there is some true facts, like people habing dental veneer, they can damage them and the last of the holding can be realy short. Then, there is nothing that prove that pregnancy is allowed or not, so in this case you have to ask your doctor about before. Finally, there is a not recommandation for diabetic beacause your tooth gem will propably not stay as long as normally, because diabet cause rapidly fall of tooth gems.Don't hesitate to ask your doctor about any worry about put tooth gems on your teeth.

    Of course, and what a best way to embellish this difficult period taht put rhinestones! Braces don't avoid to put rhinestones and tooth gems, on the contrary ! Even children can wear rhinestones, like approximatly around 10 years old, put some rhinestones can help to pass this unpleasant moment shining a smile. And all the same for adults with braces obviously.