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    Tooth gems

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    Details of products

    We create our jewelry in France.

    We use 3D printing for design and manually work on the tooth gems to guarantee excellent quality.

    Made of 18-carat solid gold, here are the details of our dental jewelry

    Characteristic / Caractéristique Information
    Manufacturing / Fabrication Made in France
    Process / Procédé 3D printing and manual finishing / Impression 3D et finition manuelle
    Metal / Métal Solid gold 18 carats / Or massif 18 carats
    Weight / Poids 0.1 g
    Dimensions (varies by model) / Dimensions (variable selon le modèle) Around / Environ 4mm x 4mm
    Thickness / Épaisseur 0.4mm


    We offer popular gold tooth gems and adorable cute tooth gems. Each gem guarantees purity and strength. To make it sparkle more, you can mix these gems with a Swarovski crystal.

    Our tooth jewelry mixes old-school craftsmanship and today's looks.

    Crafted in France, from the single gem of the tooth to a complete set of teeth gems, our gems are a mix of high-quality and stylish. These pieces accentuate the individuality of every smile with grace and sophistication.

    Customized Service

    Personalize your style with our custom tooth jewelry service.
    Create a unique accessory that celebrates your distinctive taste.

    Care and Longevity

    Designed for semi-permanence as much as for charm, our tooth jewelry requires minimal care. Consult our guide for easy steps to maintain the perpetual sparkle of your Swarovski tooth gems.

    Application of the tooth gems

    18 karat gold is 75% pure gold, safe for teeth, oral hygiene and makes durable teeth jewelry of good quality.

    How long dental jewelry lasts depends on saliva acidity, after-care, and the method and product used for application. It can stay for one month to over a year.

    To get 18 karat gold dental jewelry, it's best to ask a dental jewelry technician or your dentist for advice. These professionals will use quality and safe products to ensure a perfect fit.

    So feel free to treat yourself to a sparkling smile with our 18k gold dental jewelry, combining safety and elegance.


    Please be aware that customs fees may apply when receiving your order in certain countries. The local customs authorities determine these, and they depend on the regulations in force in each country.

    The customer bears responsibility for any additional expenses not included in the product price or delivery charges. We are not able to predict the exact amount of these fees, as they vary from one country to another.

    To avoid surprises, check with customs to estimate charges before receiving your package.

    Furthermore, we thank you for your understanding and remain you can contact us at for any questions or additional information.

    We ship from France 1 to 4 business days after receiving payment.

    *Shipping time can varies depending on available stock as well as custom tooth gems request.

    We ship worldwide and you can choose different shipping options when ordering standard or express.

    We calculate shipping costs at the time of purchase and we fully track all shipments.

    French orders arrive in 3-6 business days for standard delivery and 1-3 days for express delivery.

    European orders arrive in 6-16 business days for standard delivery and 2-3 days for express delivery.

    International orders arrive in 6-22 business days for standard delivery and 2-4 days for express delivery, depending on your country.