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  • Premium pack

    Professional tooth gems training

    The premium pack is a tooth gems training course that offers you an interactive platform on which you can acquire skills, which you can then validate during a live session with our trainer, an expert in the application of tooth gems. We offer long-term follow-up and personalized support to help you develop your business in the face of growing demand.

    Complete tooth gems kit content

    • Hygiene and protection materials
    • 2-step dental composites (primer + sealant)
    • UV lamp
    • Application tools (training jaw, cheek spreaders, application tweezers and tips, dental probe...)
    • 2 pieces of 18-carat gold teeth jewelry of your choice worth at least €130
    • 520 Swarovski® tooth gems
    • More than 1000 training rhinestones (different shapes and colors), not to be placed on customers.
    • Storage space for tooth gems
    • A framed diploma certifying your training
    • A plasticized step-by-step guide to keep handy for quick and effective reminders.
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    Teeth jewelry application technique unique in France: 2-step instead of 3-step application for 2 months to several years' wear, saving time and money. Our two-step technique does away with the 37% phosphoric acid used in dentistry and in "classic" tooth gems training to etch the enamel before applying dental composite. Here are a few points to consider regarding its use and why it may be preferable to work without it:

    Precautions and safety for tooth enamel : excessive or incorrect use of phosphoric acid can potentially damage enamel by causing excessive demineralization or making the tooth more susceptible to decay over the long term. When used correctly, 37% phosphoric acid is generally considered safe for tooth enamel. It's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions on application time and rinsing to avoid excessive demineralization of enamel.

    Highlights: by eliminating the engraving step, the process is simplified.

    Time savings: by skipping a step, processing is faster.

    Reduced risk of error: fewer steps mean less risk of errors during application.

    Patient comfort: as the process is shorter and simpler, it can be more comfortable for the patient. No risk of excessive enamel demineralization.

    In summary, although 37% phosphoric acid is effective in improving adhesion and considered safe when used correctly, our technique offers a simpler, faster alternative that can be beneficial in many situations.

    2. Elite training

    The best equipment on the market to train you like an expert.

    A detailed after-care for a better hold of the jewel, how to brush your teeth after the service and foods to avoid. All aspects of hygiene and complications that may be encountered during the tooth gems procedure.

    We would like to emphasize that, in accordance with current regulations, the fitting of tooth gems is a perfectly legal procedure. Our training will provide you with all the skills and knowledge you need to carry out this procedure with care and precision, in compliance with the strictest safety and hygiene standards. However, it's important to note that, although our training includes an informative module on the removal of tooth gems, this practice remains illegal, unlike the application of tooth gems, which is legal. We believe it is essential for our students to be informed about the entire process, including removal, for a comprehensive understanding of the procedure. However, we do not train or promote the removal of tooth gems. Our aim is to prepare you to offer a safe, professional and legally compliant teeth jewelry installation service. We insist on compliance with laws and professional standards throughout our training.

    *We do not provide any equipment for the fitting of teeth jewelry, as this procedure must be carried out by a dental surgeon or orthodontist.


    After your training, we offer after-sales service and ongoing support to answer any questions, problems or other challenges you may encounter in your teeth jewelry career.

    Advice on developing your business, targeted marketing strategies and increasing your visibility, especially on Instagram.


    Your professional pack will provide you with all the equipment and information you need to start your business with complete peace of mind from the moment you receive your tooth gems kit, so you'll be able to pay off your training in full and generate profits from the first month of business, depending on your influx of customers.