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    Prestigious collection of teeth jewelry in 18-carat gold

    At IsisnGold, we believe that every smile has the power to sparkle. That's why we've created a collection of 18-carat gold teeth jewelry. It's designed for those looking for the exceptional in every detail, while sparkling their smile. Our gold tooth gems is the fruit of artisan craftsmanship and a passion for beauty and elegance.

    Why choose our 18-carat gold tooth jewelry?

    Superior quality

    Each piece is made from 18-carat gold. This guarantees not only incomparable brilliance, but also exceptional durability and resistance.

    The 18-carat gold used is the ideal material for the 3D artistic design carried out by IsisnGold. It is also ideal for oral hygiene and poses no risk if swallowed. Compared with 24-carat gold, which is much softer and easily scratched and deformed, it will be solid and durable.

    Unique design

    Our creations combine modernity and tradition, offering a wide range of styles to suit your unique personality. All our gold teeth gems are designed using 3D artistry. This enables us to create molds for casting the gold, making each piece unique.

    You can also design your own teeth jewelry with our gold tooth gems custom service.

    Comfort and safety

    Designed for everyday wear, our tooth jewelry ensures optimum comfort without compromising the health of your teeth.

    Enhance Your Smile with Elegance

    Looking for understated style or a bold centerpiece? Our collection of 18-carat gold teeth jewelry has it all. Thanks to a rigorous selection of designs, each piece of jewelry promises to make your smile unique.

    Commitment to Quality and Satisfaction

    Our mission is to provide you with an exceptional experience, from the selection of your teeth gem to its application. IsisnGold is committed to providing the highest quality products, backed by impeccable customer service.

    Don't wait any longer to give your smile the radiance it deserves. Explore our collection and find the 18-carat gold teeth gems that reflects your personality.


    Where can I get tooth gems?

    We recommend that you have your dental jewelry fitted by a dentist or a professional rhinestone fitter. These professionals have the tools and expertise to apply the rhinestone correctly and ensure that the procedure is hygienic and safe. Find all the tooth gems technicians we have listed, and make an appointment with the ones we've trained!

    Do tooth gem damage teeth?

    No. When professionally applied, tooth gem, like dental jewelry, won't harm your teeth.

    Nor does it compromise your oral health. The procedure is non-invasive, and the teeth gem is attached to the tooth surface using a special adhesive. It is important, however, to follow the after-care instructions.

    How much does teeth jewelry cost?

    In general, prices can vary from a few dozen to several hundred euros. The price of our gold teeth jewelry can vary, starting at €65. The more complex the design, the more work goes into it, which explains the higher price. Discover our lowest prices and professional rates.

    Tooth gems Paris ?

    Looking for tooth jewelry in the area? You can order the gold teeth jewelry of your choice and have it fitted anywhere in France. Find out about all the tooth gems technicians we have listed, and make an appointment with the ones we've trained!

    Can I eat and drink after I've had dental jewelry fitted?

    It's generally advisable to wait at least an hour after having tooth gem placed before eating. This allows the adhesive to harden properly and ensures that the rhinestone remains firmly attached. It's also best to avoid foods that are too hard or sticky in the first few days after fitting.