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  • Butterfly tooth gems Emerald Swarovski (10pcs)

    (1 pack for 10 butterflies)

    Butterfly Tooth Gems offer a sophisticated elegance, adding a refined and light aesthetic touch to your smile.

    Guaranteed quality with:

    • High-grade Swarovski Emerald material

    Crafted using Swarovski tooth gems in Emerald, these gems reflect a stunning range of colors, providing exceptional brilliance and superior quality.

    • Optimal size

    Featuring a design with 4x2mm navette and 1.8mm SS5 rhinestones, these gems seamlessly blend with your teeth.

    • Mesmerizing Emerald shine

    These Swarovski Tooth Gems capture light to display a sparkling spectrum, giving your smile a magical and mysterious allure.

    • Comprehensive pack

    This kit contains all necessary components for 10 individual butterfly tooth gem applications. Each pack includes 20 navettes and 50 Swarovski tooth gems, enabling various dazzling combinations.

    Perfect for those wanting a unique and stylish smile, the Swarovski Emerald Butterfly Tooth Gem is an excellent choice.

    Transform your smile with the enchanting Emerald allure of our Swarovski Butterfly Tooth Gems.


    Discover the magic and brilliance of lead-free Swarovski® tooth crystals, perfect for butterfly tooth gems application.

    Swarovski tooth gems, known for their sparkle, enhance your smile with luxury and are easy to apply to teeth without heat. They are also lead-free and designed for quick use.

    Product Details

    IsisnGold guarantee lead-free, no hotfix,flat back,nickel free and no-toxic range of Swarovski® Butterfly Tooth Gems.

    A Swarovski tooth crystals with a flat back and lead-free ("no hotfix") is composed of several key elements :

    Lead-Free Crystal : Swarovski tooth crystals are made with a mix of quartz, sand, minerals, and other natural components. The lead-free version replaces the traditionally used lead to increase the refractive index (for more brilliance) with other elements, while maintaining its characteristic clarity and sparkle.

    Flat Back : The back of the Swarovski tooth gems is flat and smooth, which facilitates its application on tooth surface. It is not equipped with a pre-applied adhesive like in "hotfix" versions.

    Reflective Coating : The back of the tooth crystal is often coated with a thin platinum foiling layer to enhance the reflection of light through the crystal, thus increasing its sparkle.

    Colors and Finishes : The Swarovski tooth gems can be colored or have special finishes to create a variety of visual effects and shades.

    Size and Polishing : Swarovski® tooth gems are renowned for their precise size and multiple polished facets, which maximize their ability to refract light.

    Swarovski "no hotfix" gems are designed to be fixed without heat. They require professional application of dental composite (with etch gel or without, depend on the primer and composite used) + UV light cure, unlike "hotfix" versions that have a pre-applied heat-sensitive adhesive layer. Therefore, these tooth crystals are ideal and totally safe for tooth gems applications where the use of heat for fixing is not possible and unsafe.

    To make it sparkle more, you can mix these Swarovski crystal tooth gems with a gold tooth gems.

    Customized Service

    In addition with a Swarovski® tooth crystal, personalize your style with our gold custom tooth jewelry service, create a unique accessory that celebrates your distinctive taste.

    Care and Longevity

    Swarovski® crystals semi-permanence requires minimal care. Consult our guide for easy steps to maintain the perpetual sparkle of cute tooth gems.

    Application of the tooth gems:

    Swarovski® crystals are safe for teeth jewelry and oral hygiene. How long dental jewelry lasts depends on saliva acidity, after-care, and the method and product used for application. It can stay for one month to over a year.

    To get Swarovski® dental jewelry, it's best to ask a dental jewelry technician or your dentist for advice. These professionals will use quality and safe products to ensure a perfect fit.

    So feel free to treat yourself to a sparkling smile with our Swarovski® crystals, combining safety and elegance.


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