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    The processus of the customization

    Lets have a look !

    There are various ways to make the impression, but we suggest using the two most trusted methods currently on the market. Visit your dentist and decide between :

    • a teeth scan, sent to us directly via email
    • a silicone mold, which requires postal delivery.

    We strongly discourage using self-made/ DIY impression kits, as their unreliability often leads to inadequate results.

    If you choose the scan option, we will use advanced 3D printers in our workshops to create pieces tailored to your teeth.

    If you send us a silicone mold, we will fill it with plaster to replicate your jaw, then scan it for designing the grillz.

    We keep you informed of every step of the process, but this step is the most important! Your validation is crucial to guarantee the optimal provision of our services.

    At this stage, we send you the prototype of your diamond, gold or silver teeth so that you can validate with us the best possible model of grillz for your image!

    You can now rest easy, your jewelry is in good hands! Our skilled artisans will meticulously forge the selected precious metal into custrom molds fashioned precisely.

    They will then clean up any imperfections and polish the material to a shiny finish, just like your smile!