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    Many offers exist on the market, but beware of social network tutorials! Get trained by professionals like Isisngold. Our brand gives you access to several offers. Opt for the premium pack for a professional training that will accompany you in the long term, but only available in french for now, or opt for the professional instalation kit.

    No prerequisites are necessary to take this course, it is accessible to all. Dexterity, concentration and willpower will do the trick!

    With IsisnGold, you can be trained in a few hours, ranging from 2 to 4 hours, depending on each individual and the time invested beforehand.

    As tooth gems/rhinestones fitting training is not well known in France, it is not recognized as a profession in its own right and therefore not eligible for CPF.

    Dentists and dental professionals are indeed able to place tooth gems, it remains at the will of the professional.

    In France, because of the little known nature of this practice/profession, you will not be in the illegality by practicing the installation of tooth gems, but you will not be recognized as a tooth gems/rhinestones installer.

    A dental tooth gems/rhinestones fitting training course can range from about 300€ to 2000€. However, prices vary depending on what content is offered within the course such as a material kit provided, video content or live content with professionals.

    It is indeed very simple to train for the installation of dental tooth gems/rhinestones, it is a training accessible to all.

    Absolutely! Adding this training to your panel of knowledge and qualities can only be beneficial to you. Whether you are in the process of retraining, want to set up your own business or want to add an activity to your core business, considerable gains await you. The formation can be more profitable than you think and can let you earn a lot of profits. If you're already professional, you can also go to our wholesales page

    After training as a tooth gems technician, you will be able to offer a quality installation service and thus either open your own salon/structure or expand your business.

    Absolutely, the system of installation is the same for a gold tooth gem as for a rhinestone. The installation is done in many ways as long as the surface of the jewel (the face against the tooth) follows the shape of the tooth.


    We are currently exclusively online. We have the possibility of making you come to our premises (in Nice), the rates will be discussed. In the future, we would like to propose you to move in France in order to be closer to our future installers.

    You have the possibility to pay in 2 to 4 installments without fees thanks to Alma if you wish. However, the total amount must be paid 1 week before the date you have chosen as the beginning of the training.

    It's for life! The training you want to register for will be available forever. In addition to the content you will have access to, you will be informed of any updates and changes in materials, legislation and installation techniques.

    Order at IsisnGold and you will be sure to satisfy your community and enjoy wholesale prices with discounts on a certain number of gold tooth gems bought. Go to the "wholesale" tab to discover all our offers dedicated to professionals.

    Once trained by the expertise of our professional, you will be able to provide a quality service and acquire a community that goes hand in hand. Take advantage of our know-how, and let us follow you in the personalized development of your business.