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    An exclusive collection of Swarovski tooth gems

    At IsisnGold, every smile is a work of art that deserves its own sparkle. Our range of teeth gems is specially designed to give you that extra sparkle. Always with a touch of elegance and refinement. Discover our luxurious diamond dental rhinestones, offering unique beauty to illuminate your smile.

    Pourquoi choisir notre collection de strass dentaires ? Que ce soit le prix la qualité ou le service proposé, ces éléments vont vous convaincre que notre collection de strass dentaires Swarovski est la plus adaptée.

    Unbeatable quality

    Each tooth gem is carefully selected for its quality and brilliance, ensuring long-lasting wear and exceptional shine. Shine with subtlety thanks to our Swarovski gems, synonymous with luxury and quality. Express your personality with our butterfly tooth gems, perfect for a unique, captivating look.

    Unbeatable variety

    Our range offers a variety of shapes and sizes to suit every preference. Dental teeth gems make your smile your most precious asset, with diamond-like brilliance.

    Affordable prices

    We understand the importance of affordable beauty. That's why our tooth gems are competitively priced. Take advantage of tarifs professionnels for bulk orders.

    Easy application

    Our teeth gems are designed for effortless application, allowing you to transform your smile quickly and safely.

    Nous sommes dédiés à offrir une expérience exceptionnelle, depuis le choix du strass idéal jusqu'à son application. Découvrez notre collection complète et trouvez celui qui vous permettra de briller de mille feux.


    Do teeth rhinestones damage teeth?

    Non ! La pose de strass, lorsqu'elle est réalisée par un professionnel, n'abîme pas les dents. Cela ne porte pas non plus atteinte à votre santé bucco-dentaire. La procédure est non-invasive et le strass est fixé à la surface de la dent à l'aide d'un adhésif spécial. Il est toutefois important de suivre les instructions d'after-care.

    Where can I get teeth rhinestones?

    We recommend that you have a tooth gem application carried out by a dentist or tooth gems technician. These professionals have the tools and expertise needed to apply the teeth gem correctly and ensure that the procedure is hygienic and safe. Find tous les techniciens de pose recensés and make an appointment with the ones we've trained!

    When should I eat after having teeth rhinestones fitted?

    Il est généralement conseillé d'attendre au moins une heure après la pose d'un strass dentaire avant de manger. Cela permet à l'adhésif de durcir correctement et de s'assurer que le strass reste bien fixé. Il est aussi préférable d'éviter les aliments trop durs ou collants dans les premiers jours suivant la pose.

    Why won't my teeth rhinestones stick?

    The quality of the adhesive used, the application technique and the tooth surface can all affect the hold of Swarovski crystal. Poor oral hygiene or certain eating habits can also reduce the durability of rhinestones. If your tooth gem doesn't hold, consult your tooth gems technician to discuss possible options. Please note that veneers are strongly discouraged, and that after-care depends on holding.

    How do I remove a tooth gem?

    To safely remove a dental diamond or tooth gems, we recommend consulting a dental professional. That's why we recommend that customers go to their dentist for a scaling to remove any residue. It's important not to attempt to remove the rhinestone yourself, to avoid any risk of damage to your teeth..

    Tooth gems price?

    The price of Swarovski crsytals varies according to several factors, such as their shape. In general, prices can vary from a few dozen to several hundred euros. Find out more about our lowest prices and profesionnal rates.

    How long does tooth gems last?

    The length of time a teeth gem lasts depends on a number of factors, including the application technique, the adhesive used, eating habits, oral hygiene and the acidity of saliva. On average, a well-fitted teeth gem can last from 6 months to over a year. To prolong its life, we recommend following the after-care instructions provided by the professional who applied it.

    How do I attach a teeth gem?

    Teeth gems must be professionally applied to ensure a secure, long-lasting bond. The process involves cleaning the tooth surface, applying a special adhesive and fixing the tooth gem to the tooth. The adhesive must be polymerized (cured) using an LED lamp to ensure optimum adhesion. It's crucial to use quality materials to preserve dental health and achieve the best aesthetic results.

    Une mise en garde est nécessaire sur les kit vu sur internet. Ils peuvent procurer de la colle à faux ongles en guise de composite