Tooths edelstenen, een lang verhaal

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Isisngold Bijoux dentaire tooth gems or gold silver argent

Tooth gems in ancient Egypt

According to some beliefs, the adoption of tooth gems could come from ancient Egypt or even from the Mayan civilization. Dental jewelry would have been a sign of belonging to a class of wealth and a certain social status for differentiation purposes.

Grillz in the 70s

It is only in the 70s-80s that we find again tooth gems, with the appearance of the grillz. Associated with the affirmation of a style and an identity, the grillz and tooth gems appears more particularly in the black communities in the districts of Brooklyn. This identity of wealth is associated with the ability to achieve the American dream.

Isisngold Bijoux dentaire tooth gems or gold silver argent

Fashion, an eternal restart

We see appearing for a few years, a movement of fashion and trends around the vintage especially from the 2000s. Indeed, inspired by pop culture, these trends are resurfacing. We then see the reappearance of rhinestones and tooth gems on many celebrities around the world but specifically on American stars and more particularly in the field of music, rap or more recently modeling.

The fashion for tooth gems, grillz and rhinestones continues to grow in popularity around the world, thanks in part to social networks and influencers who are promoting them. From 18-karat gold to Swarovski rhinestones, these sparkling accessories are attracting attention and allowing followers to stand out in style. Dental jewelry and rhinestones have become a way to express your personality and stand out from the crowd. Whether it's to add a touch of glamour to a special event or simply to spice up one's everyday look, these accessories are becoming increasingly popular with fashionistas around the world. Stars who have followed or started this trend several celebrities have contributed greatly to the popularization of the tooth gems, grillz and rhinestone trend by proudly wearing them. Here are some of the most iconic :

Post Malone

The American rapper is famous for his gold dental jewelry and diamond setted grillz. They add a touch of bling to his style and reflect his love for luxurious accessories.


Always on the cutting edge of fashion, Madonna embraced tooth gems long before the trend became as popular as it is today. The Queen of Pop has been spotted wearing gold grillz and tooth gems, proving that she's not afraid to push the boundaries of fashion.


The singer and fashion icon has also succumbed to the gold tooth gems trend. She was spotted with a discreet gold tooth gems on one of her incisors, adding a subtle touch of sparkle to her already gorgeous smile.

Miley Cirus

The former Disney star has embraced grillz and tooth gems as part of her radical transformation. She was photographed with a gold star-shaped piece of jewelry on one of her incisors, adding a touch of glamour to her bold look.

Katy Perry

The American pop star has already sported gold tooth gems with fun designs, like a small cupcake.

Kylie Jenner

The reality TV star and businesswoman has also succumbed to the gold dental jewelry trend. She was photographed with a gold dental jewel on one of her canines, which adds a touch of elegance to her glamorous style.

The dental jewelry and rhinestone trend continues to spread across the globe, and there is no doubt that more celebrities and influencers will adopt this fashion in the future. Stay tuned for the latest trends and be inspired by these stars to add a touch of sparkle to your own smile.

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